Chapter 4

In chapter 4 of Don DeLillo’s Falling Man, the time after Keith’s and Lianne’s separation is described. Keith starts playing poker, while Lianne is in charge of a storyline session with Alzheimer patients. Here the members write about a topic and then read aloud to each other. Although Keith no longer attends the poker games, Lianne still goes to the meetings. After 9/11 everyone in the group, except one guy called Omar H., wants to write about what happened on that day.

Keith is sitting alone going through his mail and correcting the misspelling of his last name, which we find out is Neudecker

Lianne is walking around New York noticing that everything is different. People talk about different things on the phone, the tourists are gone, and a crowd of people are watching a performance artist called Falling Man dangling above the street. People are upset, because he keeps reminding them of the tragedy that happened just ten days earlier. Lianne picks up her mother at the train station. Th...

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