Chapter 5 and "On Marienstrasse"

In chapter 5, Keith visits the owner of the suitcase that he accidentally carried out of the tower. The visit has been arranged over the phone, but on his way to the woman’s apartment, Keith feels like dropping the idea altogether. He goes through with it nevertheless, and the woman, whose name is Florence Givens, starts asking him questions about which firm he worked for in the tower. Keith is somewhat flustered and attempts to leave, but she persuades him to stay. She explains in great detail how she experienced the attacks from her office, how she fell down a flight of stairs and saw a maintenance guy with a crowbar. Keith remembers seeing the same guy walk past him in the stairway. The woman tells the whole thing again, and Keith sits in a chair listening.

Lianne remembers how her mother Nina warned her about guys like Keith before she married him. Now, after the attacks, she sees him in a different light. He seems detached from the things he is doing. When Lianne watches him playing with their son Justin, she feels like she doesn’t even know him.

Lianne goes to see a doctor called Harold Apter who specializes in Alzheimer patients. She reports to him about the sessions in the group where she volunteers. Lianne would like to have the meetings two times a week instead of just one, but the doctor discourages this and reminds her that the meetings are for the patients’ sake, not ...

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