Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of Don DeLillo’s novel, Falling Man, begins with Lianne’s experience of the day of the attacks when Keith suddenly stands at her door step. She cleans up his face and realizes that the blood he is covered in is from somebody else. She tries to call for help, but all the telephone lines are overloaded. She notices the briefcase that he has brought with him out of the tower.

Keith is back in the apartment of the woman whose briefcase he carried out of the tower. He and Florence share their experiences from that day and talk about their past lives, marriages, hopes and dreams. They also talk about God, and Florence lets Keith know that she talks to God. Keith tells Florence that he and Lianne are getting back together and she seems to react to that. As he is about to leave, she leads him to her bedroom where she dances for him and he starts to undress.

The Alzheimer patients in Lianne’s group a...

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