Chapter 7

Lianne is in her mother Nina’s apartment where they are looking at a painting by the artist Morandi. Their conversation concerns mortality and the role of God in the attacks. Martin, Nina’s lover, makes a provoking statement about the towers and how they were the Western World’s symbol of wealth and power which practically called for an attack. Then he leaves the apartment.

Back in her own apartment, Lianne is watching Keith and their son Justin who are absorbed in a poker game on TV. The poker players on the screen make her think of Kierkegaard and her time as a student when she used to spend hours and hours reading this favorite author of hers.

Lianne has had enough of Elena, the woman in the building playing loud music, and finally goes to see her. She tries to make her see that the Middle Eastern music is inappropriate to play because of the recent attacks, but Elena maintains that it is just music. Lianne...

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