Chapter 8

In the beginning of chapter 8 of Don DeLillo’s Falling Man, Keith  is in Florence’s apartment and about to leave after having sex with her. He thinks about what kind of relationship they have and decides that it is about more than just sex.

Lianne meets her Carol Shoop in hope of getting an interesting editing assignment from her, but instead Carol wants to talk about Keith. She mentions a book that she is going to publish which predicts the attacks on 9/11, and Lianne is frustrated that she is not the one editing this book.

In the storyline session, the patients are writing about Rosellen S. who has stopped coming to the meetings after she has become so ill that she no longer remembers where she lives.

Keith is at a fitness center where he plans on going if he decides to take the new job offer. He feels a connection with the other people in the gym.


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