Chapter 9 and "In Nokomis"

After another session in the group of Alzheimer patients, Lianne walks home while thinking about how sad it is that the group members will soon be so ill that the meetings will have to end and another group will form. She hopes to come home to find a message from Carol Shoup on her machine saying that she wants her to edit the book on the attacks. She thinks about Rosellen S. and how she found comfort in the church when everything else was falling apart.

Keith has told Florence that they have to stop seeing each other and is now on his way home from her apartment. He picks up Justin from school and they decide to see if they can meet Lianne on her way home from the storyline session.

On her way home from the storyline session, Lianne sees the performance artist, Falling Man, as he is preparing to perform at a train station.

Keith tells Justin to stop talking in monosyllables because it worries his mother...

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