Volume 3 summaries


Chapter 1

In this chapter of Mary Shelly's novel, Frankenstein cannot bring himself to begin his work, and spends much time alone, while his health improves. He wishes to marry Elizabeth, but he is nervous about doing so without completing his task. He decides to travel to England, where he has heard some philosophers and scientists have made new discoveries that will help him. His father arranges for Henry Clerval to travel with him.

Chapter 2

 In London, Frankenstein seeks out the scientists and philosophers whose ideas will help him. When he and Clerval are invited to visit Scotland, they set off together on a long sight-seeing journey across the country. 

When they arrive in Scotland, Frankenstein tells Clerval he wants to travel alone for a while. He travels to the remote Orkney Islands north of Scotland and hires a hut. He begins to work on the creature’s companion, constantly disgusted by what he is doing. 

Chapter 3

Frankenstein starts wondering about the possible consequences of making a new creature. He considers that she might not agree with the pact made by the first creature and might refuse to leave Europe, or that she might hate the first creature, or that the two might have children who could then do great damage. 

He notices the creature watching him through the window. Frankenstein suddenly changes his mind about his task, and tears to pieces the body he has been working on. The creature is upset. 

Several hours later the creature enters the hut. When Frankenstein stills refuses to make the female creature, the creature threatens revenge and tells him: “I will be with you on your wedding night.” Frankenstein thinks this means that the creature will kill him just as he achieves happiness in his marriage to Elizabeth. 

Frankenstein decides to rejoin Clerval, so he goes into his laboratory to remove the body parts scattered there. Intending to throw them in the sea, he puts them in a small boat and sails away. 

After falling asleep in the boat, he arrives in a small town on the coast of Ireland, where he is arrested for murder.

Chapter 4

Frankenstein is taken to the local magistrate (a judge). A local man explains how he found the body of a strangled man on the be...

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