Outer characterisation

Caro is the narrator’s older sister, and she is another secondary character Alice Munro’s short story “Gravel”.

Caro is a 9-year-old girl. She is a pupil and goes to the school in town. She also used to take swimming lessons.

She is described as having curls and reddish hair. At the moment of her death, she was dressed in a light-brown checked coat and a plaid scarf.

Inner characterisation

Caro is a spirited child. She has strong opinions and seems to be able to easily make friends. She adapts to her new life in the countryside, making new friends, while also retaining her old ones. When she watches TV with the narrator, Caro makes comments that spoil the show. She also contradicts her mother, telling her that the gravel pit is not that deep around the edges.

The narrator notes that there were “so many ...

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