Rasool Bibi

Outer characterization

Rasool Bibi Manzoor is a key character in Sarfraz Manzoor’s autobiography Greetings from Bury Park. She is Pakistani and “distantly related” (My Father’s House, 11%) to Mohammed, whom she marries sometime in 1960. Just like her husband, Rasool Bibi also does not know the exact date when she was born: “Her official birthday is 1 August 1933 but again, she does not know the true month or year that she was born” (My Father’s House, 11%). 

When she was a teenager, Rasool Bibi’s father died, so she was forced to help her family by “helping her neighbours with their cooking and cleaning” (My Father’s House, 11%). Her marriage with Mohammed was seen as controversial, as his relatives were against him marrying a girl with no prospects. Rasool Bibi and Mohammed have four children together: Navela, Sohail, Sarfraz, and Uzma. 

In Britain, Rasool Bibi starts working as a dressmaker and is often helped by her children. A few years after her husband’s death, Rasool Bibi has a stroke, which affects one side of her body. She gradually recovers. 

Inner characterization

After getting married to Mohammed, Rasool Bibi is resilient for eleven years, and trusts his judgment even when people suggest that Mohammed might leave her for a white woman:

They would taunt her by saying her husband had already found an English bride. ‘Do you really think he is in England and thinking abo...

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