Theme and message

The main theme of the story “Greyhound Tragedy” by Richard Brautigan is comfort versus risk-taking. The story becomes more complex through the motifs of growing-up and Hollywood culture. The author sends a critical message by exploring the motif of Hollywood culture because the story suggests that movies and magazines showing the lifestyle of celebrities can give people an unrealistic perspective on life. The protagonist…


Comfort versus risk-taking

The theme of comfort versus risk-taking is explored in the story through the plot and the main character. The protagonist of the story is a girl who has lived a life of comfort in a small town, thanks to her father being a store manager. Never having to work or struggle for the things in her life, the girl is not used to risks and challenges. So, although she dreams of going to Hollywood and becoming a movie star, she never has the courage to do it and constantly postpones taking a decision about her life.

However, three years after she graduates from high school, she realizes that she can’t postpone the decision for much longer. This is when a young man, liked by her parents, asks her to marry him. At first, she puts off giving him an answer, because she wants to buy time to gather the courage to go to the bus station and find out the cost of a fare to Hollywood.

When her parents begin to pressure her to marry, she finally goes to the bus station.…

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