Our characterizations focus on all the major characters important to the plot of William Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet”. We begin with a detailed description of the central characters and rivals, Hamlet and Claudius. This is followed by portraits of the two main female characters in the drama, Hamlet's beloved Ophelia and his mother Gertrude. The role of Hamlet's loyal friend Horatio is also thoroughly discussed. 

The schemers and the spies in the play, the royal counselor Polonius, his servant Reynaldo, his son Laertes, and Hamlet's unfaithful friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are also described in terms of their place in the play. It is of fundamental importance what part they play in the main plot and how they relate to the other characters. Finally, we examine the meaning and purpose of the ghost.

With the help of the characterizations, the connections between the individual characters can be seen and the plot thus made easier to understand. Provided with many quotations with appropriate references to the book, the development of each character at any point in the plot can thus be explained in detail.

Our characterizations are written in easy-to-understand language. They are a useful aid to understanding the text and offer suggestions for your own reflections and discussions. They allow an approach to the main plot and thus form a solid basis for analysis and interpretation of the drama.

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