"Hamlet" as a love story

Ophelia's love

Due to the fact that the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia occupies a central place within the drama plot, "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare can also be read to some extent as a love story. However, it lacks central components of this genre. Their first acquaintance, their first advances, and their first, if any, erotic contacts are not addressed.

At the beginning of the drama, Ophelia is still convinced that she is really loved by the prince of the throne: "My lord, he hath importuned me with love In honourable fashion. (...) And hath given countenance to his speech, my lord, With almost all the holy vows of heaven." (1.3.118). However, the viewer does not learn any more details about this described relationship. Polonius orders his daughter not to believe Hamlet's oaths and instructs her to distance herself from him. His obedient daughter does not object to this demand.

Hamlet's rejection

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