Physical setting

The main physical setting of the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut is the US, in the year 2081. Part of the events described in the short story take place in the Bergerons’ living room. Hazel and George Bergeron are shown watching TV in the living room or returning from the kitchen. The other events described in the story take place in the TV studio, where the ballerinas are dancing.

The TV is probably the most important element of the physical setting, as it connects Hazel and George with their son, Harrison. When Harrison appears in the TV studio, his parents are briefly aware of his presence: “ ‘My God-‘ said George, ‘that must be Harrison!’ ”. The TV is also a symbol of manipulation and distraction, which prevents people from seeing the true nature of the society they live in. 

Social setting

The story’s social setting presents a dystopian egalitarian society of ...

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