Our comprehensive analysis of Louis Sachar's best-selling novel Holes looks at the key building blocks of the story. First, we have a look at the title. The structure and composition of the novel are then examined, as we have a complex plot, with several storylines artfully interwoven.

This is followed by a description of the most important settings, such as Camp Green Lake, the Warden's cabin, "God's Thumb" or the town of Green Lake. Then the chronology of the frame story as well as the narrative time and narrated time and the interweaving of past and present are examined. We analyze the particularities of the language looking especially at the simple vocabulary, character language, and youth language. We then have a look at narrator and point of view, and the role of the narrator in the story.

Our detailed analysis of the most importais highly interesting young adult novel. Everything is explained in easy-to-understand language and supported with appropriate and illustrative text examples.

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