Katherine Barlow


Teacher and outlaw

Katherine Barlow is mentioned in the flashbacks from the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. She lived in the once thriving town of Green Lake more than a hundred years ago. She was the town's only schoolteacher and taught both children and adults. When her African-American lover Sam was shot by the angry townspeople, Katherine left town and became the most feared outlaw in the American West: Kissin' Kate Barlow. During each of her many robberies, she kissed her victims with bright red lipstick.

The actions of Kissin' Kate Barlow have repercussions even in the present. Katherine buried her stolen loot in the dried-up lake that borders today's Camp Green Lake. The Warden therefore has the youngsters digging holes every day to find this treasure.

The beloved and warm-hearted teacher

When Katherine is still working as a teacher in the town of Green Lake, she is ex...

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