Mr. Pendanski


The friendly counselor

Mr. Pendanski is another character worth mentioning from Louis Sachar’s novel Holes. He is called Mom by most of the camp inmates. Mr Pendanskiis the counselor of Group D and is subordinate to the orders of the Warden and those of Mr. Sir. As a simple counselor, he does not have his own quarters, but sleeps in a tent similar to those used by the camp inmates.

Mr. Pendanski is younger than Mr. Sir and "not nearly as scary looking." (Part 1, 12%). His hair is so short that he is almost bald, but he has a curly and thick black beard. On his nose he has a strong sunburn (Part 1, 12%).

When Stanley arrives at Camp Green Lake, Mr. Pendanski is the first to address him, not in a military tone of command, but posing as a friendly counselor. He claims to respect Stanley and to want to help him rebuild his life from the ground up (Part 1, 12%).

He also tries to maintain a friendly tone when dealing with the other boys - with the exception of Zero. He is the only one who addresses all the youngsters by their real names. His fatherly manner has e...

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