Mr. Sir


The tattooed leader

Mr. Sir from the novel Holes by Louis Sachar is one of the few residents at Camp Green Lake who does not have a nickname. He acts as a sort of assistant director of the camp. Unlike the Warden, he is constantly present on the camp grounds. It is his job to receive new camp residents and instruct them in their tasks.

Mr. Sir is older than Mr. Pendanski and, unlike the latter, "scary looking" (Part 1, 12%). Just like the Warden, he usually wears cowboy gear. When Stanley meets him, Mr. Sir doesn't take off his sunglasses even indoors(Part 1, 7%). He also has a rattlesnake tattooed on his arm (Part 1, 7%).

Mr. Sir is constantly carrying a bag of sunflower seeds to quit smoking, and usually carries his pistol to defend himself against the de...

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