The unchallenged leader of Group D

X-Ray is one of the important characters in Louis Sachar’s novel Holes. The teenager X-Ray, whose real name is Rex, is an inmate at Camp Green Lake and the unofficial leader of the seven-member Group D. When Stanley arrives at Camp Green Lake, X-Ray has been there for almost a year. We do not know what he is convicted for. Although he is the leader of Group D, he is the smallest of the group after Zero. Just like Zero and Armpit, he is also dark-skinned. However, the color of his skin is irrelevant to the social structure in the camp.

X-Ray behaves extremely selfishly and is always concerned only with his own advantage. He is so assertive, dominant and self-confident that the others do not oppose him, although he is the smallest in the group. The other members of the group do everything he asks of them . The hierarchy is clearest when the boys line up to fetch water. X-Ray always gets to have his water bottle filled first.

Selfishness and greed 

X-Ray is the only one who claims a very specific shovel for himself every day: one that is supposed to be slightly shorter than the others. No one else is allowed to use this shovel except him . He also selfishly wants to be the only one to h...

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