This analysis of the speech “I Am Prepared to Die” By Nelson Mandela is based on the rhetorical pentagram model.

First, we will look at the topic of the speech, which is the fight for equal rights in South Africa. Since it is a complex and detailed speech, we will also look at connected themes such as the use of violence, political ideologies and contextual issues related to the movement for equal rights in South Africa.

We present the speaker – Nelson Mandela –  looking at his background and his involvement in the fight for equal rights and focusing on the image the speaker conveys of himself within the speech.

We examine the audience of the speech, formed by all those present at the Rivonia Trial, but also by the target audience that the speaker implies through the content of his address.

We discuss the language of the speech, exploring the speaker’s choice of words, tone, and the way he uses rhetorical devices and modes of persuasion to make his arguments more convincing.

We detail the circumstances of the speech, looking at the socio-political situation in South Africa in terms of racial issues, and considering the contextual details that the speaker includes.

We focus on the intentions of the speaker of rejecting or correcting accusations against him, while also trying to further support for the movement for equal rights in South Africa.

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