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Prime Study Guides was founded in Denmark in 2019 by a professional team of teachers, editors and digital engineers. Although Prime Study Guides is a young company, our team has been producing high quality study guides for a Scandinavian audience since 2007, so we have many years of experience in the field of digital education.

Our study guides are written and edited by highly qualified authors from some of the best universities in the world, and we place great emphasis on both academic accuracy and accessibility.

Thus, our study guides are written in a clear and concise language, but also teach you the advanced and technical terms you might need when analyzing literature or speeches in a school context. We also strive to back up our points with specific examples and quotations, to help you incorporate the text into your analysis in a meaningful way.

Our study guides can be read thoroughly to give you a detailed understanding of your text as a whole, but you can also use them to look up the specific elements you might be struggling with. All of our guides are designed to be easy to navigate, so you can use them to find exactly what you need.

Our library contains hundreds of study guides, and we publish new ones every month. Use the search function above to check if we currently have a guide for the text you are working with.

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Avoiding plagiarism

Our study guides are designed to help you produce a good analysis of your text, but it is important that the final analysis you produce is your own.

One way of avoiding accidental plagiarism is to start out by reading our study guide to generate ideas for your own approach, and then put the study guide away when you actually start to write your paper or prepare your final notes for the exam, etc. By using this strategy, you will end up with an analysis in your own words, even though our study guide helped you find the right directions for it.

If you need to include some of our points more directly, it is very important to cite the specific study guide where you found them. You can find information on how to cite each individual study guide on the “About this eBook”-page (accessed by clicking the ‘i' icon on the top right while browsing the study guide).

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