Mrs Fairfax

In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Alice Fairfax is the housekeeper at Thornfield. She is described as “the neatest imaginable little elderly lady” (Chapter 11, 14%). After she retires from Thornfield when Rochester moves to Ferndean, she receives a generous pension from him. 

Mrs Fairfax is a mild-mannered and kind lady. As soon as Jane arrives at Thornfield, Mrs Fairfax welcomes her warmly. She brings Jane food and takes her to a room she believes Jane will like, which shows she is considerate. In this way, she represents another kind, caring, and motherly figure for Jane. 

Mrs Fairfax appears to have traditional views. For example, though she is alone at Thornfield and complains about not having people to talk to, she prefers not to talk too m...

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