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Charlotte Brontë and her background

Charlotte Brontë is an English novelist and poet from the nineteenth century and the author of the novel Jane Eyre. She was born in a literary family, and her sisters Emily and Anne are both well-known writers, having written novels such as Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, respectively. 

Charlotte was born to a clergyman of Irish origin and his wife in a village in West Yorkshire, England. Charlotte’s mother and her two oldest sisters died while she was young, leaving Charlotte’s father and her aunt to care for the remaining children: Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and their brother Branwell. Charlotte and her sisters attended a boarding school for daughters of the clergy. Their father brought them back home after a year because of the bad conditions at the school. 

At thirteen, Charlotte began writing poems, which were published in a homemade magazine of the Brontës. Emily and Anne soon joined and the sisters created rich imaginary worlds together. Charlotte wrote several short stories and novellas growing up.  

Throughout her life, Charlotte worked as a teacher and governess and even tried opening a school for girls with her sisters, but the project was unsuccessful. She also travelled to Brussels where she enrolled in a boarding school and taught English to pay for her fees. Charlotte developed a passion for the owner of the school, Constantin Héger, though she tried to repress her feelings for him, as he was married. These events inspired Charlotte’s first manuscript for The Pro...

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