Here are the elements which will help with your analysis of Joe Biden’s 2020 victory speech.

The rhetorical situation is that the speech is delivered by Joe Biden, who is a candidate of the Democratic party. The live audience for the victory speech is smaller compared to previous years, considering the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The composition of the speech shows its focus on unity and diversity. In the first part of the speech, the speaker focuses on the present, addresses the recent events, and thanks his voters and his team. In the second part, he outlines his plan for a better future, and ends on a positive, hopeful note. 

The style of language used by the speaker has both formal and informal elements. This lets him communicate complex ideas and makes him more accessible to the audience. 

The speaker uses various rhetorical devices to achieve his intentions. For instance, repetitions are frequently used to stress certain key points, while figurative language supports the emotional parts of the speech.

Regarding forms of appeal, the speech is dominated by pathos, but also contains examples of ethos and logos.

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