The most important characters in the short story “Kiss and Tell” by John Sam Jones are Dylan Roberts and Seimon Gwyn. The other characters mentioned in the text—Seimon’s classmates and the other teachers—are secondary and their function is to illustrate aspects of the social setting.

Seimon Gwyn

Seimon is one of the main characters in the short story. His characterisation is mostly conveyed indirectly, by following his point of view, his actions, and his attitude.

Seimon’s outer characterisation presents him as a fourteen-year-old boy (l.9) who is underdeveloped, compared to his peers: “Most of his classmates had started to muscle-up, which made rugby more of a man’s game; it made the showers afterwards a real embarrassment too. Naked and puny amongst so many well-developed boy-men…” (ll. 9-11)

Inner characterisation

Seimon’s inner characterisation presents him as a boy who is beginning to discover his sexuality, who tries to fit in but fails because he is attracted to men.

Initially, Seimon is frustrated that he has not begun to develop, like his classmates. For this reason, he feels lonely and isolated:

Sometimes he imagined himself sm...

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