Narrator and point of view


The short story “Kiss and Tell” by John Sam Jones is a third person-narration conveyed using a combined point of view.

The third-person narrator, who is outside the action, uses the point of view of several characters: Seimon, Dylan, and Shân.

Because the story is conveyed in parallel, in fragmented scenes, the points of view do not overlap in the same scene. For example, the first scene presents Seimon’s point of view and the second one presents Dylan’s: “He knew that puberty kicked in later in some, but why did he have to be the runt, and bear the brunt of so much teasing? Sometimes he imagined himself smaller-than-small...” (ll. 13-14); “Dylan Roberts had gone back into the closet against his better judgement. He could remember the day he’d made that decision...

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