The short story “Kiss and Tell” by John Sam Jones is set in North Wales, close to Liverpool Bay (ll.30-32). Although the year of the events is not mentioned explicitly, the references to Elton John marrying David Furnish suggest that the events happen sometime after 2005.

Physical setting

The main physical setting is the Welsh town Rhos-On-Sea and the school where the characters teach or study. The school is not described as a place but as a community. However, the author describes the wider setting of North Wales: “After a sharp burst of rain, from an errant cloud that hung in an otherwise blue sky, a rainbow arched over the growing forest of wind turbines out in Liverpool Bay.” (ll. 28-30)

The ‘errant cloud’ can be interpreted as a foreshadowing element in the short story, suggesting that something might cloud Dylan’s stay in Rhos-On-Sea (ll. 34-35).

The story also mentions classrooms, shower rooms, and Seimon’s room to indicate where the action takes place, but none of ...

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