Style of language

The short story “Last Bridge Burned” by Ron Rash is written in a neutral style. Short narrative passages are combined with direct speech. Dialogue helps illustrate that both characters come from lower-class backgrounds, as they use rather informal language such as “damn” (l. 42) or “something with a bit more kick to it” (l. 87).

The text contains many negative words and expressions, such as “eye seeped blood” (l. 4) or “stringy and disheveled” (l. 34). This choice of words is closely linked to the social setting, which explores being at the bottom of society. Another effect of this language is that it sets the general mood of the story. 

The few positive words and expression in the story, such as “soft yellow glow” (l. 18) or “prettiness” (l. 66) help build contrast and suggest that it is possible to turn your life around for the ...

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