Narrator and point of view

The short story “Let’s Go to the Videotape” by Fiona Maazel is told in the past tense by a third-person narrator. A number of features characterise this narrator.

The narrator is reliable, because he or she appears to recount the events as they happen and in a clear and truthful way. 

Also, the narrator’s point of view is limited to Nick’s perspective so the narrator presents his thoughts, wishes, and emotions: “… which had filled Nick with the kind of anticipation he hadn’t felt since his second date with his wife”. Another example is: “… which often felt to Nick like trying to grow a happy boy in the soil of their misfortune”. The narration also follows the action as Nick sees and experiences it. For example, the reader cannot know what Gus is doing in his room while he makes his film or what he is doing at school because Nick himself does not possess this information. Therefore, the reader experiences the events through Nick’s perspective.

The feelings of the other characters are presented through their actions, words, and through Nick’s view of them. For example, the reader can see that Gus disapproves of his father’s choice to upload the video to social me...

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