Alaska's guilt



The theme of guilt appears at the very beginning of the novel Looking for Alaska by John Green in relation to the unwritten rule that the students have established at the school. When the Colonel and Alaska take the punishment for smoking and cover for Miles and Takumi, Miles realizes that the two of them just want to show him how he should behave if he gets caught next time. The one who gets caught takes all the blame and does not rat on the others.

Alaska herself broke this commandment when she ratted out Marya, her roommate, and her boyfriend to avoid being punished herself. The Eagle had caught her when she was about to take a forbidden car ride to her boyfriend's house in the evening, with an additional bottle of wine in the car. Because of this offense, Alaska could have been expelled from school. The Eagle had made her an offer not to punish her if she would tell him about someone else's offense in return.

The death of the mother

The most significant moment in A...

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