We Shall Overcome

This study guide will help you analyze Lyndon B. Johnson’s “We Shall Overcome” speech. In addition to help with your analysis, you can find a summary of the text and ideas for putting it into perspective

Presentation of the text

Title: “We Shall Overcome” (1965)

Sender: Lyndon Baines Johnson

Genre: Speech

Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908-1973) was the 36th president of the United States. Johnson served as vice president under President John F. Kennedy and assumed the presidency after Kennedy was assassinated. The “We Shall Overcome” speech on the Voting Rights Act was delivered on March 15, 1965, to a joint session of Congress. The formal title of the speech was “The American Promise” but it later came to be known as the “We Shall Overcome” speech, a phrase inspired by a civil rights folk anthem.

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We Shall Overcome

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