Style of language

In the talk “My identity is a superpower – not an obstacle”, America Ferrera mainly uses formal language. 

Lines 29-41 present some of America Ferrera’s personal experiences as an actress in the US. When she talks about her former manager, Ferrera uses quotations to show the audience exactly what he has told her: “his response was, ‘Someone has to tell that girl she has unrealistic expectations.’ ” (ll. 29-30). The repetition “he wasn’t wrong” (ll. 30-31)shows that Ferrera was aware that her expectations could be considered unrealistic. Quotations are also used when Ferrera talks about some of the excuses she has heard when being rejected at an audition: “… I would hear, ‘We’re not looking to cast this role diversely.’ Or, ‘We love her, but she’s t...

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