In what follows, you can read a presentation of Bettina's main traits…


Outer characterisation

Bettina's outer characterisation is conveyed through the narrator’s words: “Bettina stood in the rain wearing high heels, a short skirt and a long mac on top, which she would open hopefully at passing cars.”. The description is also meant to convey that she dressed this way to attract customers, as she works as a prostitute. Through Parvez’s point of view, we learn that she wears a “short skirt, gaudy …


Inner characterisation

Bettina’s inner characterisation is realized through narration and dialogue.

Bettina trusts Parvez and tells him about her nights: “Bettina, in turn, always reported on her night’s activities.”. Parvez also trusts her with “things he’d never be able to discuss with his own wife.”. This is probably because Bettina doesn’t judge him: “when he told Bettina that he suspected Ali was on drugs, she judged neither the boy nor his father”

Her attachment to Parvez is also shown by the fact that she often touches him in a caring way: “Bettina put her arms around him”; “As Bettina rubbed his head (…)”; “Bettina had inadvertently laid her hand on Parvez’s shoulder.”

Bettina is familiar with drugs and the physical signs associated with taking them. This shows that she has encountered drug addicts before, but also that she is willing to give useful, practical advice: “ ‘It’s all in the eyes’,…

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