Nelson Mandela delivered his inaugural speech in Pretoria in front of four thousand guests, including political leaders from around the world. The speech was also televised and had a huge global audience.

If you watch the video of the speech, you will notice the size of the crowd gathered to listen to Mandela’s speech. The public rarely interrupts the speaker with applause, which suggests the solemnity of the moment. However, they do applaud occasionally, when Mandela makes some of his most important points, showing that they agree with his arguments and support his views.

Mandela begins the speech by directly addressing the live audience, mentioning both political leaders and his fellow countrymen: “Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, Distinguished Guests, Comrades and Friends:” 

As the speech continues, the speaker engages each category of the audience using direct address. He first speaks to South Africans: “To my compatriots, I have no hesitation in saying…”  When he addresses the people of South Africa, Mandela has an inclusive approach, mentioning both black and white …

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