Literary genre

Dystopian novel

Never Let Me Go by Kazuro Ishiguro can be considered a dystopian novel. Although the novel has also been marketed as science-fiction, it is important to point out that, unlike most works of the science-fiction genre, which take place in an imagined future, Never Let Me Go takes place in an alternate version of England at the end of the 20th century.

Dystopian fiction presents an imagined society which contains elements that are disturbing and frightening. Many times, dystopian societies are ruled by a totalitarian regime or tend to dehumanize certain communities. The latter is also the case with Never Let Me Go, where clones are created to donate their vital organs once they reach adulthood. 

Another characteristic of a dystopian society is the discouragement of any form of dissent. Although Miss Emily and Madam…


Movie adaptations

The novel Never Let Me Go was adapted into a movie in 2010. The movie was directed by American Filmmaker Mark Romanek and starred Carey Mulligan as Kathy, Keira Knightley as Ruth, and Andrew Garfield as Tommy. The film was generally well received by critics.

There are several differences between the movie and the book. For one, Kathy is 28 in the movie, and not 31,…

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