The novel Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro begins with Kathy H., a 31-year-old carer. She has been a carer for more than 11 years and admits that she is good at her job since she always knows how to treat the donors under her care. Kathy is a former Hailsham student. 

Kathy mentions several incidents she found notable from her time at Hailsham, such as when Tommy, who was always being bullied for not being creative enough, had a temper tantrum in the middle of the football field, and Kathy calmed him down. This was how she gained Tommy’s confidence. When Tommy no longer seemed so self-conscious and began to be treated differently, he told Kathy it was because Miss Lucy, one of the guardians, told him he did not have to be creative if he did not want to, adding that the students were not told enough of what they needed to know. 

Kathy also mentions how she became best friends with Ruth when they were around eight. Ruth allowed Kathy to be one of the secret guards who protected Miss Geraldine, the students’ favorite guardian. Ruth pretended one day that she received a pencil case from Miss Geraldine, although Kathy suspected she got it in one of the Sales, which allowed students to get things from outside Hailsham. 

From time to time, a woman the students called Madame came to collect some of their art. The students believed she used it for a gallery. Madame generally ignored the students. Ruth suggested she was afraid of them, and the students decided to test the theory. When Madame froze as soon as they came near her, the children realized that she was, indeed, afraid, and were very unnerved. One day, Madame caught Kathy holding a pillow to her chest and singing a song called “Never Let Me Go”. Madame burst into tears and left. 

When Kathy was in her final year at Hailsham, the class ...

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