A beloved king 

King Oedipus is main character of the play Oedipus the King by Sophocles. He appears in almost every scene and has the most lines, also driving the action forward. 

In the prologue it becomes clear that Oedipus is a ruler who is popular with his people, the Thebans. Since he has already saved the people from misfortune in the past, they now trust him to help them again. Oedipus is called the "famous" one by everyone and obviously enjoys this. He maintains an almost paternal relationship with his subjects, for he addresses them with the words "My children" (l. 1). 

When the people ask him for help, Oedipus tells them that he has already sent his brother-in-law Creon to Delphi to ask the oracle for advice in this difficult situation. This suggests his competence as a ruler, because he is not only turned towards the people, but also acts with foresight and trusts in the gods. 

Oedipus' reputation among the people goes so far that the priest in the Prologue calls him the best of mortals and the "saviour" (l. 56). He has a strong sense of responsibility toward his subjects. 

The oracle 

At first, Oedipus seems to lead a happy family life. He is married to Jocasta, the widow of Laius, and has four children with her. However, we soon learn that fate has not been kind to Oedipus since his birth. 

At first, Oedipus gratefully...

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