Chapter summaries: Part 2

Chapter: 23

Place/Time: France

Characters: Grenouille

Grenouille moves through the country. He finds leaving Paris liberating. He is now 18 years old.

Grenouille seeks distance from other people and avoids villages and towns. He spends the night in the open countryside. Human smells isolate him more and more the longer he stays away from civilization.

Chapter: 24

Place/Time: mountain Plomb du Cantal, August 1756

Characters: Grenouille

 Grenouille climbs to the top of the mountain Plomb du Cantal. In this place, he does not perceive any human smells. Grenouille is happy about this.

Chapter: 25

Place/Time: mountain Plomb du Cantal

Characters: Grenouille

 Grenouille stays on the mountain and does not want to leave it in the near future. He settles in a cave, feeling safe and secure. He spends most of his time sitting or lying in the darkness of the cave.

Chapter: 26

Place/Time: mountain Plomb du Cantal

Characters: Grenouille

Grenouille conjures up old smells that he associates with people from his life. These smells are now unpleasant for him. His hatred towards people becomes clear.

Grenouille sorts out bad smells from his memory. He feels liberated and sees himself and the world in a new light.

Chapter: 27

Place/Time: mountain Plomb du Cantal

Characters: Grenouille

Grenouille imagines his own perfect world in the cave. He becomes intoxicated with smells. He sleeps, wakes up and crawls out of the cave weakened. The real world depresses him, and he suddenly feels lonely.

Chapter: 28


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