Chapter summaries: Part 3 and Part 4

Part 3

Chapter: 35

Place/Time: Grasse

Characters: Grenouille

Grenouille travels to the city of Grasse. The city is known for the trade and manufacture of fragrances. He wants to learn here new techniques for obtaining fragrance.

Passing by a garden, Grenouille recognizes a scent similar to that of the young girl he killed. He is fascinated again and decides to capture this scent. For this he wants to find a suitable method in the next two years.

Chapter: 36

Place/Time: Grasse

Characters: Grenouille, Druot, Madame Arnulfi

Grenouille finds work in a small perfumery. The wife of the deceased perfumer Arnulfi hires him. There is also a journeyman named Druot. Grenouille learns new methods of obtaining fragrance.

Chapter: 37

Place/Time: Grasse, April - end of year 1763

Characters: Grenouille, Druot, Madame Arnulfi

Grenouille works hard. Over time, he gets more and more freedom to make decisions and more demanding tasks.

Chapter: 38

Place/Time: Grasse

Characters: Grenouille

Grenouille experiments with making his own human scent. He begins again to capture the scents of inanimate things. This time, he succeeded with the help of a new technique. Later, he uses the same method on animals. To obtain their scent, they must be killed even before they begin to be afraid of him.

Grenouille then begins to try to capture the direct human scent. He experiments on a living person and is successful in doing so. 

Chapter: 39

Place/Time: Grasse, beginning of the year 1764

Characters: Grenouille, Druot, Madame Arnulfi

Druot and Madame Arnulfi get married. Grenouille passes by the garden where the fragrant girl was sitting. The smell of her is now even stronger. Grenouille has fallen in love with her scent. At the same time, he is afraid that once he possesses the scent, he will lose it. He takes it upon himself to make the scent especially long-lasting.

Chapter: 40

Place/Time: Grasse

Characters: Various citizens from Grasse

The naked body of a young girl is found. The murderer cannot be identified. ...

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