Chapters 10-19


Chapter 10

In the evening, Darcy, Elizabeth, and the Bingleys gather in the drawing room. Caroline tries to flatter Darcy by commenting on his writing style, but Darcy does not respond to her flirtation. Miss Bingley and Mr Darcy mock and criticise Mr Bingley for being so accommodating with others, but Elizabeth defends him. She and Darcy argue again over this topic. Elizabeth notices that Darcy looks at her more often, but she assumes he does it because he disapproves of her. When the Netherfield people are alone the next day, Caroline – who has also noticed Darcy’s looks towards Elizabeth – mocks Darcy about marrying into a common family.

Chapter 11

Later, Jane joins the party in the drawing room. Elizabeth is happy to see Mr Bingley paying attention to Jane. Caroline continues to tease Darcy while professing a false love for reading to impress him. She walks around the room to attract Darcy’s attention, but Darcy only looks up when she invites Elizabeth to walk with her. The party starts talking about Darcy’s character, and Darcy admits that he can be resentful and that once his good opinion of someone is lost, it is lost forever. Elizabeth scolds Darcy for refusing to change his opinion of others. At the end of the chapter, we get the sense that Darcy is falling for Elizabeth.

Chapter 12

Elizabeth sends her mother a letter to ask for a carriage to collect them from Netherfield Park, but Mrs Bennet refuses because she secretly wants Jane to stay longer in Mr Bingley's company. However, the sisters borrow Bingley’s carriage. Mr Bingley is sad to see the girls go, but the others at Netherfield are relieved. Darcy is happy to no longer be tempted by Elizabeth, while Caroline is happy to see her competition leave.

Chapter 13

At Longbourn, Mr Bennet tells his family that he has received a letter from his young cousin Mr Collins who is coming to see them. Because Mr and Mrs Bennet do not have any sons, Collins will inherit the estate when Mr Bennet dies, even though he is only a distant relative. Although none of them has met him before, Mrs Bennet resents him instantly. His letter also states that ...

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