Chapters 20-29

Chapter 20

Mrs Bennet finds out about Elizabeth’s refusal to marry Mr Collins and angrily asks her husband to convince Elizabeth to accept. However, Mr Bennet tells his daughter that he does not want her to marry someone like Collins. Mrs Bennet continues to pressure Elizabeth to say yes. In the midst of all of the confusion, Charlotte Lucas comes to visit. Mr Collins finally accepts Elizabeth’s refusal, but is extremely offended.

Chapter 21

Mr Collins starts ignoring Elizabeth and paying attention to Charlotte. The Bennet sisters walk to Meryton where Elizabeth meets Wickham and speaks to him. At home, Jane finds a letter from Caroline Bingley saying that Mr Bingley will be in London indefinitely and suggesting he might marry Georgiana Darcy. Elizabeth tells Jane that the jealous Caroline is probably trying to manipulate her brother, but that he will surely return because he is in love with Jane.

Chapter 22

Mr Collins proposes to Charlotte, who accepts his offer. He leaves without telling the Bennets about his engagement. However, Charlotte soon tells Elizabeth that she has agreed to marry Mr Collins because she will have a good home with him. Elizabeth is shocked and disappointed that her best friend has chosen to marry someone as silly as Mr Collins and only for material reasons. However, she hides her thoughts from Charlotte.

Chapter 23

When Sir William Lucas announces Charlotte and Collins' engagem...

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