Current issues

In October 2010, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, gave a speech to members of her Christian Democratic Union Party. In her speech, Merkel claimed that Germany has failed to create a multicultural society for immigrants, forcing them to work harder to integrate into their n…


Textual perspectives

When analyzing David Cameron’s speech on Radicalization, Islamic Extremism, and the Failure of State Multiculturalism, it would be interesting to compare it with Tariq Ramadan’s article “You Can’t Go Home Again”. In his article, Ramadan argues that Muslims settled in Europe should try to come together and promote themselves as European Muslims, instead of following only the religion of their country of origin. Both Cameron’s speech as well as Ramadan’s article address topics such as terrorist attacks and the need for immigrants or children of immigrants to create stronger ties with their new country.

Salman Rushdie’s essay “The New Empire Within Britain” is also interesting to compare with Cameron’s speech. Unlike Cameron, Rushdie criticizes Britain for failing to accept non-white immigrants for who they are and for creating an us versus them mentality.

A different perspective is also presented in Robin Cook’s speech “Chicken Tikka Masala”. Cook takes a completely different approach from Cameron. Although he admits the need for a British identity, Cook also pleads for a multicultural society in which people of different nations can celebrate their own customs.

For a fictional perspective on multiculturalism, you can also check out the poem “The British (serves sixty million)” by Benjamin Zephaniah. Here, the poet highlights the importance of tolerance and respect for other cultures, at the same time making fun of those who speak against multiculturalism and arguing that the British society has always been a mul…

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