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Style of writing

The language used in the short story “Reunion” by John Cheever mainly illustrates the failed relationship between father and son. The language is simple and, throughout the interaction between Charlie and his father, the narrator refrains from making either positive or negative comments. Therefore, the focus of the language is on the father and the dialogue between him and the waiters:

‘How old is the boy?’ the waiter asked.

‘That,’ my father said, ‘is none of your goddamned business.’

‘I’m sorry, sir,’ the waiter said, ‘but I won’t serve the boy another drink.’

‘Well, I have some news for you,’ my father said. ‘I have some very interesting news for you. This doesn’t happen to be the only restaurant in New York. They’ve opened another on the corner. Come on, Charlie.’ (pp. 1-2, ll. 42-43, ll. 44-47)

Here, the dialogue between Charlie’s father and the restaurant staff illustrates the man’s arrogance and rude behavior. 


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