Plot and structure

When analyzing the short story “Reunion”, it is important to consider the plot and structure. In this section of the study guide, we have highlighted some relevant points for you to consider when dealing with this topic in your paper.

When we talk about plot, we refer to the moments that compose a story. Each moment is the cause and effect of the other. In our case, those moments are: the exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and the resolution.


In our case, the exposition is the moment when the boy describes his itinerary and the reason why he is in New York. He meets his father (whom his mother has divorced) and they have an hour to spend together before the boy has to take another train.

The rising action

This moment is represented by the father’s behavior in the first restaurant. The father obviously finds pleasure and excitement in provoking and defying the old waiter. It becomes clear for the reader that this is only the start of a troubled behavior....

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