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The Three Voyages

Robinson Crusoe from Daniel Defoe’s novel with the same name, is an English sailor who tells his life story when he returns to England after being stranded on an uninhabited island. 

As a young man, he leaves his parents' home despite his father's warning and arrives in London after a difficult voyage by ship, during which he is shipwrecked. However, Robinson’s thirst for adventure does not keep him in one place for long, which is why he soon ventures on a new overseas voyage.

Robinson’s second journey starts well, as he meets a friendly captain who teaches him mathematics and navigation skills. It ends, however, on the coast of Africa, where Robinson is captured after the boat is hijacked by pirates.

After two years of slavery, Robinson is able to escape aboard a small fishing vessel. He is then rescued by Portuguese sailors and brought to Brazil, where he lives a fairly comfortable and wealthy life for a while.

Robinson's third sea voyage also ends dramatically with a shipwreck when he is on his way to Guinea to buy slaves. On 30 September 1659, after a tornado, Robinson is stranded alone on an uninhabited fertile island in the Caribbean where he will spend the next 28 years of his life.

Survival on the Island

The clever, practical, and adaptable Robinson learns to fend for himself while living on the island. He is able to save many useful things from the wreck, including clothes, supplies, weapons, powder ba...

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