Mariam appears in the short story “She Shall Not Be Moved” by Shereen Pandit. She is the narrator’s daughter and is described as “small for her age and skinny” (l. 48).

Mariam has been taught by the narrator to “stand up against wrongdoing” (l. 117) and bullying. She has also been taught the difference between right and wrong as well as the importance of activism (ll. 120-125). Since her mother used to be a political activist, she has probably been a role model to Mariam.

However, she appears to be sheltered by the narrator, who turns Mariam’s face away so she does not witness the driver’s aggressive behavior towards the Somali woman (ll. 67-68). The narrator also tries to protect her by not telling her things she believes she should not know as a child. 

Just as she has be...

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