Style of language

The short story “She Shall Not Be Moved” by Shereen Pandit is written in a neutral style. The narration uses contractions and the style is casual and conversational. This gives the story a natural feel, and creates the impression that the narrator is carrying a conversation with the readers. 

This impression is strengthened by the presence of expressions frequently used in spoken language. For instance: “So I was highly pleased, I tell you, when that bus finally pulled up. I paid. That’s another thing, it was the last change I had on me and I couldn’t afford to get chucked off, could I?” (ll. 8-10). In the last sentence, the narrator uses a rhetorical question to justify her actions, as if she is addressing a sympathetic reader. The phrase “I tell you” also contributes to the impression of a dialogue. 

There is an instance of repetition in the story which stresses the lack of...

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