Physical setting

The short story “She Shall Not Be Moved” by Shereen Pandit takes place mainly on the no. 201 bus in London, England. 
The time setting appears to be contemporary. There is a mention of the bus being “one of those modern buses with a special place for prams” (l. 18). There is also a reference to the long-running British soap opera “Eastenders” which started in 1985 and is still ongoing. These references place the time setting close to when the story was written (2005), which makes the issue a current one. 

The events take place most likely during winter: “this being London, it was pretty darned cold” (l. 7). The narrator blames the cold, among other things, for her reluctance to interfere, as she is afraid of being thrown off the bus.

The bus appears as a cramped, uncomfortable...

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