In what follows, we discuss the setting of the short story “She Shall Not Be Moved” by Shereen Pandit.

Time setting

There is no clear indication of a specific time setting in the story. Considering the fact that the narrator had to fight for her civil rights and the author of the story is a South African political activist influenced by her own experience...


Physical setting

The physical setting in which the action takes place is the bus where the narrator is a bystander and fails to step up and denounce injustice.


Social setting

The social setting introduces the way in which a multi-racial society fails to communicate properly and in which white people discriminate against the blacks. The Somali woman is discriminated by both the white women and the bus driver and she is the target of multiple racist remarks coming from several people in the bus. Although not a direct target of the conflict herself, the narrator – most probably also a black woman – feels attacked, yet fails to do anything about it.


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