Themes and message

The author of “She Shall Not Be Moved, Shereen Pandit, explores themes such as racism and intolerance, but also cowardice versus determination. The overall message of the author is that racism and intolerance should disappear completely and that children should not be their victims. Also, the author suggests that one should always stand up for one’s rights when faced with adversity, as remaining silent is often more dangerous than speaking out.

Racism and intolerance

This theme is illustrated by the two white women on the bus, but also by the bus driver, by the other passengers and, eventually, by the narrator herself. The white women who sit on fold-up seats refuse to stand up and move places and deny a Somali woman the right to park her pram in the dedicated place. They do not do it out of ignorance, but out of pure spite because they have to do it for a black woman. Their racist remarks and intolerance do not seem to stop when children are present – Mariam, the Somali woman’s toddler or baby.


Cowardice vs. determination

This thematic contrast is illustrated by the narrator and Mariam, her daughter. While the narrator is characterised by cowardice,...


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