This section highlights the main elements that you can find in our detailed analysis of the story “Some Are Born to Sweet Delight” by Nadine Gordimer.

The structure of the story is linear and features narrative techniques such as flashbacks and foreshadowing. The story focuses on Vera and her family, who take in a foreign lodger named Rad.

Most of the characters develop in the story. The main character is Vera. Rad is another major character in the story. Vera’s parents are secondary characters.

The events take place in England, towards the end of the twentieth century. The social setting explores the ethnic and racial tension of the time.

The events are described by a limited third-person narrator. The narrator is partly subjective. This is because the narrator appears to share some of Vera’s thoughts.

The language of the story is told in a descriptive way, which includes imagery and symbolism. 

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